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Below is a list of water related projects undertaken by the Directors of SWS, wherein they neither initiated, neither led nor played significant roles prior to the formation of the company: Sechaba Water Sciences




Durban University of Technology (DUT) and   Water Research Commission-South Africa

An integrated anaerobic-photocatalytic-magnetic wastewater treatment system (2020-2022)

To design and optimise a lab-scale integrated anaerobic-photocatalytic magnetized system for the treatment ofwastewater for reuse, removal of heavy metals andrecovery of valuable products (biogas). This is a feasibilitystudy to serve as a bench mark for upscaling of a localSouth Africa wastewater plant with benefits of reducingcomplex landfills.

Umgeni water and Water Research Commission-South Africa

Wastewater-based epidemiology for COVID-19 surveillance (2020-2021)

Worked on developing and optimizing methods for monitoring COVID-19 infections in KwaZulu-Natal province

EU Joint Programs Initiative-Water (JPI-Water) and Water Research Commission, South Africa

Micro and Nano plastics in the water environment (2019-2021)

The occurrence and removal of microplastics during wastewater treatment was assessed and their role as carriers of pathogens into the receiving rivers determined 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-Grand Challenges Exploration

Antibiotic resistance tuberculosis in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) (2019-2021)

This project aims to address the role of wastewater treatment in the spread of this diseases across the African continent and to develop wastewater based epidemiology surveillance tool for antibiotic resistant TB.

Water Research Commission, South Africa

Assessing faecal-pathogen contamination and exposure to risk in shared sanitation facilities (2019-2021)

This project is aimed at undertaking the role of shared sanitation in the spread of infectious diseases in low income communities

DUT, Umgeni Water and FFS Refiners

Water and wastewater treatment process modelling (2014-2019)

Using mathematical and statistical tools to develop working models for water and wastewater treatment processes. Some of the models were aimed at optimizing dissolved air floatation for separation of industrial oil from water.

University of Gothenburg

Antibiotic resistance surveillance in Africa (2018-2019)

Antibiotic resistance in raw and treated sewage across Africa was studied to provide; a surveillance tool for determination of resistance and determination of the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems across the continent in removing these pathogens.

DUT and Umgeni Water

Coagulant Treatability


Comparative study that assesses the different coagulants and dosing ratio efficiency for physicochemical treatment of water and wastewater treatment

University of Valladolid, Spain

Residue recovery and Utilization (2017-2018)

Industrial residue are treated with anaerobic digestion process to generate biogas which can be used for green energy production.

Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA)

Decentralized wastewater treatment (2015/2016)        

Monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency of decentralized wastewater treatment systems, including the potential for wastewater reuse in Maseru, Lesotho

P2W Company Ltd.,  Bogoso Golden Star, Ghana

Evaluation and Plant auditing (2013-2014)

Production-cost and time analysis, process evaluation and risk assessment. 

P2W Company Ltd.,  Bogoso Golden Star, Ghana

Plant Installation and Commissioning  (2012-2014)

Involved in the installation and commissioning of 550 cubic per hour mine wastewater treatment plant. Treatment technologies included, electro coagulation, bed filtration, filtration and reverse osmosis.

P2W Company Ltd.,  ObuasiAnglogold Ashanti, Ghana

Operating of mine wastewater treatment plant of 250

m 3 /h capacity


Monitoring and controlling production process, sample analysis of mine wastewater treatment plant. This included supervision of workers and development of standard operation protocols